Gay Theology (Part 1)

[Disclaimer:  This article (part #1) does not represent Gerry Wagoner’s beliefs, nor does it represent the beliefs of Fulcrum7.  It is written to inform you, the reader, of unbiblical arguments increasingly used to support homosexuality.  These arguments in Part 1 will be systematically refuted in Part 2] 


According to a recent study, almost 75% of millennials see nothing wrong with homosexuality.  They also tend to see the Bible as an outdated book, proving that there is a link between moral apathy and biblical ignorance.  But there is another approach that is possibly even more destructive — namely reinterpreting the Bible to accommodate moral perversion.  Another word for that is Gay Theology.   

Gay theology is how Spectro-progressive ‘Christians’ synthesize the Bible with their modernized beliefs.  It is also the direction our Western academic centers are traveling as they move from the female-ordination wedge issue towards the inevitable normalization of homosexuality.       

This article is part one, in which I present contorted arguments that are being used to justify homosexuality from the Bible.  In part two, I will refute all of these arguments—exegeted systematically from the Bible.  So without further eloquence (if there actually was any to start with), here is my tribute to Gay Theology.   

“First, the Bible has been used to hurt people.  It has been used to hold them down, and we need to repent of that.  We just need the law of love, not an archaic document that has been proven to be false.  What really matters is how Jesus treats people!  We need Jesus. All. 

Bible believers want homosexual people to be devoid of love and intimacy.  They want them to be celibate.  Their motto is “Just say no to love.”  With their beliefs, it causes people to live alone and die alone.  That is just wrong! 

After all, the Bible says “Love does no harm” (Romans 13:10).  But the church has done irreparable harm to homosexuals.  The church uses hermeneutic enterprise against people and that unnecessarily harms them.  But, “Love does no harm.” 

The church makes people deny who they really are.  You see, God does not demand celibacy.  He demands love.  His Word is clear on that, in fact love is the fulfilling of the Law (Romans 13:10). 

People say that the Bible condemns homosexuality.  It doesn’t.  The Bible is really against prostitution--against pederasty.  It is not against homosexuality.  There are six references to homosexuality in the Bible.  Only six.  But there are hundreds of texts in there about love! 

People overlook the fact that Adam was androgynous.  “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them (Genesis 1:27).  The church is so uptight about people who are different inside from their outside!  These people are made in God’s image too. 

“The Bible says ‘“It is not good for man to be alone”’—your theology requires me to be alone thus it isn’t from God.  Your theology is bigotry–it’s homophobia.” 


The church talks about Sodom as an example of homosexuality.  Listen, Sodom was just gang rape.  That’s why it was destroyed.  Ezekiel also tells us that Sodom just unbridled capitalism with no social outreach.  God hates that.  The people of Sodom were not destroyed because they were in loving homosexual relationships.  Come on!  They were destroyed because they were arrogant.  They didn't help the poor.  This whole story has nothing to do with homosexuality.   

Jonathan  & David.  These two were obviously friends with benefits.  Anyone with a brain can see that.  “Your love to me was wonderful, surpassing the love of women.”  

Ruth chapter 1.  It is very likely that these two are lesbian lovers.  She says “Where you go I will go.”  This is two women!   Wake up! 


 We have the clobber texts in Leviticus.  Those texts are misread.  We don't stone sabbath breakers or stone witches.  Leviticus 18 is in context with idolatry.  Homosexual love is not condemned, just ritually prohibited.  Thus, homophobic theology is on shaky ground when it quotes from Leviticus 18. 


Jesus did not speak against homosexuality.  He was only concerned about the Pharisees and their obsession with legalism.  Jesus did refer to an LGBT once too.  The phrase He used was “born eunuch.”  Jesus only objected to prostitution & pederasty and He did not condemn homosexuality. 

In Matthew 19, Jesus said His teachings about marriage apply only to those to whom it is given.  We know that homosexuals are born are born that way.  The point is, some men were castrated.  Some made themselves that way— they were castrated spiritually.  Being born eunuch means being born asexual – born without desire for opposite sex.  This is clearly talking about gays.  Because of culture, a homosexual couldn't act on it because of too much tradition on the law.  Jesus tells us that some were born gay." 

In fact, there is an interesting interchange where a Roman soldier comes to Jesus and says  “My servant is sick.  He is precious to me.”   This Roman soldier was a tough guy.  He didn’t just care about servants, this servant boy is a male "lover."  Jesus understands this and heals him for the Roman soldier, thus giving His blessing to the homosexual union and lifestyle. 

Romans 1

Romans 1 talks about worshipping created things instead of the Creator.  This is clearly talking about idolatry, this is what goes on in idolatrous worship.  This has nothing to do with loving committed relationships.  When Paul talks about unnatural things in verse 26, he is talking about when a heterosexual indulges in homosexuality.  That is what Paul is talking  about — it’s unnatural.  For a homosexual, sex is natural – so the Bible can’t be talking about them here.

For instance, two women who love each other and go to church regularly – it’s completely natural for them to be in that relationship.  Paul was condemning idolatry in Romans 1, not committed, loving, homosexuality.  Paul follows chapter 1 with chapter 2 and says “Therefore there is no excuse for you who pass judgment on someone else.”  If you want to get on your high horse, there is rampant divorce—even in the church.  Go after that and leave us alone.  Romans 1 is not talking about us. 

1 Corinthians 6:9–10

This is clearly talking about male prostitution, and people who abuse others “abusers of mankind.”  Homosexuals have been abused by many people.  This is talking about self-righteous Christians persecuting homosexuals — Paul is condemning that here.

As to the word “effeminate” (malakós), translators can't even agree on what it means.  Many translators say it’s talking about soft clothing.  It’s not condemning natural passion (like people who were born homosexual).  Paul tells us in the next chapter that God’s solution for passion is to marry (1 Cor. 7:9).  That applies to gay people too. 

Romans 13

In Romans 13 Paul quotes the Law of God.  It says “Love your neighbor as yourself.  Don't steal, don't commit adultery, don’t lie etc...  In other words, don't hurt others “Love does no harm to its neighbor.”  There is no prohibition against love in Romans 13.  After all, homosexuals are just desiring companionship!  They are desiring to be biblical.  When you tell them “No” it hurts them.  But the Bible says “Love does no harm.” When you tell people to change, it's impossible.  That drives them away from God. 


Isaiah 56:3 says  “Let no eunuch say I am a dry tree.”  God will give them an everlasting name.  Verse 7 says God will give them joy.  This applies to LGBT people.   

Forcing gays to go to gay church divides Christianity.  It’s wrong because Jesus says Satan can't drive out Satan.  Living out love is the greatest proof of the gospel.  The Bible calls this bearing fruit. 

Recently, a Methodist pastor who officiated in his son’s gay wedding was interviewed.  He was asked “What if your son left his gay lover?  Would that cause you to rethink your approach to Scripture?”

He replied “No. That will never happen.  God will not bring conviction on what He has blessed.”

 The homosexual movement stands on the shoulders of the social justice and civil rights movement.  That makes it a moral matter!  We have to be compassionate and seek justice for these downtrodden people. 


 There are many young people who can't figure out who is right on the LGBT controversy.  They are not sure.  They are sure about sexuality though, so they move towards gay theology.

Plus, many millennials have gay friends – that proves that the church’s old position on homosexuality is wrong.  They (LGBT) are nice people.  Seventy-three percent of millennials, or adults born after 1980, were in favor of same-sex marriage in 2015, according to Pew’s study.  Forty-five percent said they strongly support it.  As a fifty-six year old Christian adult, when I hear about homosexuality I think first of an issue.  When millennials hear the term they think of a person.  It’s time to let go of our fears (homophobia) and enjoy the moment." 

Stay tuned for part 2 . . .


[Disclaimer:  This article (part #1) does not represent Gerry Wagoner’s beliefs, nor does it represent the beliefs of Fulcrum7.  It is written to inform you, the reader, of unbiblical arguments increasingly used to support homosexuality.]