Babylon's Sister

Good day Chaps!  The Mouse `ere, weighing in on racism, liberalism and the unparalleled corruption of the entertainment industry.

Conservatives and liberals have long been divided on the issue of race.  I am hearing more of it in the church these days as the Everlasting Gospel is slowly being replaced by that baneful upstart, Social Justice.  Good heavens!

Now conservatives believe that all people should be treated equally regardless of race, and thus allowed to rise or fall in keeping with their individual commitment to hard work, self-reliance and personal responsibility. 

Liberals, on the other hand, make the argument that "You’re a racist, you’re a racist, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah."  This is the go-to power-whine of Seventh-day Socialists on Facebook.  But . . .

 Let’s lay political correctness aside and take a look at the facts.

For many years there’s been one group in America that has consistently under-performed in terms of productivity, intelligence and moral behavior. 

Despite every effort to lift them above their degraded state, these people continue to wallow in lawlessness, substance abuse, and out of wedlock birth rates—certain to lead to generational social catastrophe.  I am speaking—of course—about Hollywood celebrities. 

Indeed, stripped of their physical attractiveness and wealth, and judged solely on their behavior, celebrities can clearly be seen to be among the most vulgar and barbaric classes of American society.

Some say the problem is genetic, and point to studies showing that celebrities consistently score lower on IQ tests than other challenged groups, such as buffoons, hedgehogs and the Kardashians.  Some cite celebrities’ historical disadvantages, including their virtual slavery in the Hollywood studio system.

Theirs is a shameful episode in American history, a shameful episode whose harmful after-affects lingered well into the fifth remake of Star Wars.  And there’s Harvey Weinstein, a fitting cultural icon of the modern-day Gomorrah that we call Hollywood.

Harvey Weinsten

The media is hunting through Hollywood to find out who knew about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuses.  And almost everyone knew, and said nothing.  Why not?  They said nothing because the liberal media would have destroyed them. 


Harvey ran an assembly line on which movies about the latest liberal social agenda were rolled out.  If you wanted campus rapes, police brutality, transgender, gay rights, anti-Israel or anything from the Left “R” Us emporium, he made it happen.  And the price was ignoring the screams coming from his hotel rooms and the office storage rooms that he allegedly brought women to.  The liberal left willingly paid that price—to them it was a bargain.  

True, Harvey Weinstein shoveled large amounts of money into the media and lefty groups, but more than mere cash, he had their loyalty because he fought the cultural battles that they wanted him to fight.  When he wanted to push an anti-Israel movie he got it screened at the UN General Assembly Hall.  When he wanted to promote The Hunting Ground, a discredited documentary, Planned Parenthood was eager to step up. 

All that clout which brought in Oscars, fawning media profiles and the frightened compliance of the women he abused, didn’t come from his cash, it came from his role as a social-justice-culture-warrior-on-steroids of the group that is trying to destroy the moral fabric of our Nation.  I am speaking of course, of the liberal left, and the minions that support & enable them (some who are even in the Church). 

Harvey Weinstein’s willingness to push cultural boundaries insulated him from accusations of abuse by, on the one hand, making him appear too virtuously liberal to do such a thing, and on the other hand, giving him a pass for being too useful to be bound by the conventions of old-fashioned morality. 

The women whom Harvey allegedly abused knew that the media’s rule is that there are no enemies from the left.  And Harvey had worked hard to always stay to the left of everyone else, including his victims.  And that, more than anything else, shows why the liberal media covered for Harvey Weinstein.  That is, until he was no longer useful.  

Incidentally, most people who hate Harvey Weinstein this week worshiped Hugh Hefner a few weeks ago.  And that brings us to Babylon's sister.



Part of Hollywood’s appeal is the covetousness that it champions.  From every newsstand and television set, we are told that we should want what the celebrities have.  Headlines such as “America Wants to Know!” or “The Life Every Woman Dreams Of” scream at us from checkout lines, planting the message that we cannot possibly be content if we are not following these mercenary idols.  Millions of discontented souls gobble it up and, in their attempt to imitate their idols, become indebted, anorexic, or promiscuous.  Hollywood is in the business of creating idols and foisting them upon us whether we want them or not.  Not since Moses dashed the Law of God upon the rocks of righteous indignation, has a city done a more thorough job of breaking God’s Ten Commandments in systematic fashion.

It is said that disease kills the body; the virus of spiritual bankruptcy and moral decadence spread by so many Hollywood movies infects the world.   Indeed, for many around the world, Hollywood is America's sole ambassador.  What message is being communicated?

The real problem is not just the actors themselves but the media which portrays them to the world.  The human addiction to entertainment is one of the main reasons why Satan has been able to capture the minds and hearts of the masses.  Thus the media has become the Bible of the westernized world controlling what we hear and see.  Hollywood and the national Media is enthralled with itself and its own self-importance.  It has become the conduit for the every whim of moral evil that its participants can think up.  And like it's cousin, public education, it pictures itself as more sensitive, more informed, more enlightened, and more open than those who live their life observing basic Biblical truths.

Many Hollywood insiders are devotees of their own celebrity, demanding respect without achievement.  Their lone accomplishment in life is pretending they are someone they aren’t, the ultimate self-obsession without self-examination.

Celebrities have been almost wholly co-opted by the democrat party, and the deleterious effect of liberal policies on their lives are plain to see.  They have been repeatedly told that they are perennial victims of systems over which they have no control, like patriarchy and Bible-believing Christians.  At the same time they have been taught to believe that they are somehow special because of their group identity.  The result is that they feel alienated from the American experience and its healthier aspirations.  This cycle is repeated, to a lesser degree, by theolibs (credit to Jason Miller for this great word) in the Church. 

Liberal policies are also poisonous for minorities but, we haven’t got time to deal with that right now.  Look for it in a future article. 

Here at Fulcrum7 we believe that all people are created equal.  Even Hollywood types are children of God, though possibly the false God so beautifully illustrated in John 8: 44–45.

Anyway the point is that in the end there are only two ways that you can look at people. 

There’s the Christian worldview which regards each person as having potential to rise above their circumstances and genetic dispositions of history, to find in Christ a life of service, beauty and freedom.  

Then there’s the way where you cluster people according to those random accidents of genetic history in order to accrue power by playing on their group grievances and passions.  In other words, the platform of Adventist Liberals, who are all too happy to mimic political liberalism in order to import it into the Church.