Interview With a Vampire

Proof That Vampires Exist

Vampire: One who lives by preying on others (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

My story begins in the spring of 1984.  My medical partner and I had just bought a small practice from a retiring physician in Kettering, Ohio.  We had put just about all of our savings into buying the practice, and we even borrowed $60,000 to upgrade the furnishings and equipment.  We were looking for ways to increase our income while our practice grew.  An opportunity came up, and it led to the most frightening experience of my life.

Ken, my partner, called me one day and asked me if I could speak with a physician who was “doing some blood pressure research study.”  He needed more patients for the trial and was willing to pay for any who qualified. Since we had hundreds of BP patients, I immediately said “yes” and an appointment was made for the next Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

After seeing patients all Friday morning and getting some lunch, I returned to the office just before two.  Peggy, our office nurse and only employee, was sitting at the reception desk doing paperwork.  I went back to our consultation room and a few minutes later, Peggy knocked on my door and said, “He’s here.”  I went out to greet him, shook his hand as he introduced himself, and we went back to the room for our interview.

His appearance was nothing out of the ordinary—grey suit, white dress shirt, tie, and a black briefcase.  After a few minutes of polite chit chat, he began to explain the research protocol, which seemed standard.  Ken and I would recruit patients who were not well controlled on BP medications, ask them for informed consent to try a new medication, follow them weekly (no charge BP checks) for 12 weeks for BP checks and side-effects, and then report the results.  We would get paid $250 dollars for each patient completing the study, up to five patients for each doctor.

However, during his explanation, an intense anxiety and fear came over me which I cannot explain in words even now.  It was as if I was speaking with someone who was not really human. His voice had a robotic quality which I have never heard from anyone else I have ever met (not even from the most psychotic patient  or most boring preacher!)  He expressed absolutely no emotions at all. After about a half hour, we had finished. I asked a few minor questions, told him I would discuss his proposal with Ken, and I saw him out of the office.

As I turned back towards the reception desk, Peggy asked, “Well Ron, how did it go?”

“It’s hard to explain, but I felt I was in the presence of evil incarnate” (My exact words, which I remember to this day).

“Don’t you know who he is?”

“Just some guy Ken asked me to talk with about some blood pressure research.”

“That was Marty Haskell, the abortionist.”

A cold chill ran down my head to my spine! “I guess that explains it then.”

She then gave me a brief rundown about Dr. Martin Haskell, who at that time had three abortion clinics—one each in Kettering, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis.  I found out later that he was one of the most prolific abortionists in our nation and that he later helped popularize the “Partial Birth Abortion” at a meeting of abortionists in 1992.  His practices were investigated by a Congressional committee in 1996.  He still “practices” in Kettering to this day, preying on the blood of the living.

I called Ken later that Friday afternoon and explained all the details of my interview. I told him that I wanted “nothing to do” with Haskell, and he agreed.  I called Dr. Haskell on Monday, explaining that we had decided not to participate.  He responded with a polite, “Thank you for your time.”

Now I know some may doubt my story, either that it happened or that vampires really exist today.  But the details of my story are accurate and completely true.  Nothing, including time, place, or names have been changed.  Haskell is still preying on his victims at his office on Stroop Road in Kettering, Ohio.

Vampires can still be found in most large city and even some smaller ones if one knows what to look for.  Some have spotted them in hospitals, even Adventist ones.  An Adventist “retired” vampire is even honored at La Sierra University.

One of the most important things I learned from my interview with a vampire is that they are very careful who they prey on.  Only those who cannot defend themselves will be their victims.

And how do we protect ourselves from them?  Well, the fictional vampires were destroyed by the light of the sun.  Real vampires are destroyed by using the Light of the Son!”  Only by His Word can they be defeated.

Fictional vampires hate the sun; real vampires hate the Son.  Let us all start by keeping the light of His Truth shining in our churches, schools, hospitals, and of course, in our own lives!

Bio:  Ron Stone is an adult convert to Adventism.  He is a former high school teacher, retired Internist, Certified Fitness Trainer, and TESL certified English teacher.  He lives in Rocklin, CA with his wife Holly Pham.