Climate Religion Is Growing at Warp Speed

You remember the students who played hooky from school last month to protest climate change? Most of you do. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the Pope met with the titular head of that student protest before the climate strike. The story,

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The Weather Channel: The Gospel of Going Green

Former meteorologist Kait Parker has launched 'Warming Signs,' a new podcast for The Weather Channel that focuses on environmental issues. Parker, who since leaving WPTV has hosted America's Morning Headquarters on The Weather Channel, has regularly appeared on Good Morning America.

Now on the digital team, Parker has taken her passion for environmentalism to the quickly growing podcasting space. And converts are pouring in.


Her latest podcast is the Gospel of Going Green, where among other things she is touting the Green Bible. She is on record saying “People who don’t care about the environment [like I do] scare the **** out of me.” That might be a method of sanctification that we have overlooked, brethren. Some of you should look into it.


Islam, not be outdone, is jumping on the green bandwagon. “Huh?” you say. “I thought they were more interested in eliminating infidels and hating on the United States.” Nope. They are going full green, closing the circle of geopolitical world climate fervor. Hello Eco-Jihad.


On the strength of a statement by Mohammed who said that the whole earth was created as a mosque, Muslims are rapidly going green for Allah. With the exception of a few places, such as the places where camels lie down, graveyards and impure places, Islam sees the whole earth as a mosque.

The Earth is A Mosque

WHEN Pope Francis issued his 192-page encyclical on climate change and pollution, this was rightly hailed as a landmark in the history of the papacy, and of environmentalism. Now Islamic scholars have added their voice to a crescendo of spiritually-inspired cries for action to conserve the planet.

Islamic Scholars Crying for Eco-Islam

From a meeting in Istanbul attended by senior Muslims from Morocco to Bosnia to Indonesia (but relatively few from Islam's fossil-rich heartland) there came a passionate and impressively detailed appeal for a new global pact at the Paris climate summit in December. "We particularly call on the well-off nations and oil-producing states to lead the way in phasing out greenhouse-gas emissions as early as possible and no later than the middle of the century," it said.

When Catholics, atheists, liberals, Muslims, environmental evangelicals, millennials, New Green Deal congressmen & D.C. powerbrokers, Hollywood, SJ warriors, the United Nations, almost every biology department in almost every University—join together in a green group hug crying for the conversion of those who deny climate change, where will you stand? Do you have the faith to resist this religious tsunami?


Or have you already joined it?


“They think it strange that you do not join them in the same flood of debauchery, and they malign you” (1 Peter 4:4).