The Defiance Continues -- News From The N.A.D. Front

On Tuesday morning, 10-18-2016, Dan Jackson attended  a worship meeting held in the chapel of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.

He (Dan Jackson) was introduced by Jiri Moskala, Dean of the Seminary who stated that "Dan Jackson preached good news without an agenda and that he favored ministry for all, even women."  Faculty and students present applauded and cheered, possibly not realizing in that moment that the statement was self-contradictory.

Just before Jackson spoke, a lady removed the drums from the platform.  Jackson stated that he wants to learn to play drums when he retires.  He said when he was young his parents didn't allow him to, and then when he was a pastor, that others in the church didn't support them either. 

He began his talk by saying that the vote at Annual Council didn't change a thing.  Jackson claimed that news was spreading in the South America Division that he would be dismissed at Annual Council, and spoke of how emotionally hurtful this experience was for him.

The NAD president stated that he was saddened by the vote at Annual Council.  He disagrees, he says, with the reconciliation document being treated like Scripture.  After he said this there was more clapping.

He mentioned that he is Canadian, and praised America for their role in fighting for cultural issues.  Just at the election in America is culturally charged, he said there is a culture war going on in the church as well.  He said the NAD will not turn away or change their minds.  They will pursue their course and they are not innocent anymore [whatever that means].  They are developing strategy but will not share it.  Jackson said that unlike Donald Trump, he actually has a strategy.  More clapping.

Jackson claimed that he would not back down in his support for women's ordination.  He told those present that the N.A.D. had budgeted $700,000 with the intention to bring 1,000 more women into the pastoral ministry of the Adventist Church in the North American Division.  He says he has a strategy for this too.

He said we are all broken (including himself ) and are on a downward spiral.  He said it doesn't matter what we teach or preach, we need a connection to Jesus as our focal point.  Jesus is the center (all).

He said no tofu will be in heaven.  He claimed to knows this as a fact because nothing evil is in heaven.  Everyone reacted, more laughter and clapping. 

He then spoke on 2 Kings 6.  He said  those with "us" are more than those with them.  Lessons from the Bible story:

  • "Open their eyes that they may see", was the request of Elisha.
  • They meet the army and smite their sight.
  • Bring them into the city of Samaria.   Pray for their sight to return.
  • Shall we kill them?  No, give them potluck, feed them tofu. They were never seen again. Laughter followed. 
  • We must give up on our own vision. Human wisdom pales when compared to God's.
  • Reconciliation (Unity in Mission) document will not provide the solution.  God will.  "Get behind computer and we'll fix it" (speaking of those who wrote Unity Document).
  • He spoke of Moses, Abraham, Peter--they thought they could fix their own problems. 
  • Those who are with "us" are far more than are with "them" ("them" referring to majority vote at Annual Council). 
  • It is wrong to be silent.  Calls for respectful dissent.  It's ok to say "I don't agree with you."  Who are you afraid of?  We must have every voice.
  • As he closed, there was applause.

It appears that this chap is using the pulpit in a General Conference institution (the Seminary) to incite disregard for the GC.  Most unfortunate.

On the other coast (west), Randy Roberts has called for a special board meeting at the Loma Linda University Church on Wednesday night 10/19/2016).  I am told that brother Randy is most aggrieved by the passing of the Unity Document at Annual Council last Tuesday.  He lamented it in his sermon on Sabbath.  Sources on the ground say that the Annual Council document on Church Unity will be discussed at the board meeting, along with possible strategies for those who are distressed by it.