Freedom of Speech Challenged By LGBT in Pasadena

Michael Carducci and Wayne Blakely from 'Coming Out' Ministries will share their testimonies and screen their recently released film "Journey Interrupted" at the Pasadena Seventh-day Adventist Church, this Sabbath beginning at 9:45 A.M. 

'Coming Out' Ministries is a ministry that promotes love, acceptance and reformation as it relates to not only sexual sins, but ALL sin.  God's Word beautifully teaches us that as we come to Christ, and seek Him through repentance, He asks us to deny ourselves and natural sinful tendencies.  He invites us to deny self and follow Him.  

"Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live sensibly, righteously, and godly, in this present world" (Titus 2:12).

The message of Jesus is invitational, never forceful. 'Coming Out' Ministries looks to and seeks to emulate the model of Jesus.  Each director shares their testimony of how Jesus reached them, and explains their decisions to walk with Christ today.

Many efforts are made under the banner of "Human Rights," to advance the demands of the "gay community."  What is peculiar about some of these "advancements" is that in seeking tolerance, many gays are now campaigning to take away the rights of others in a country that champions religious freedom. 

A petition, sponsored by is currently in place to shut down this weekly worship service at the Pasadena Seventh-day Adventist church. 

'Coming Out' Ministries is however, familiar with opposition.  Frequently, those who oppose this ministry are not acquainted with their message.  ‘Coming Out’ Ministries has been falsely accused by those who have not heard them.  These uninformed voices are often loud, creating inaccurate opposition. 

In 2015, an LGBT group falsely accused 'Coming Out' Ministries of supporting "Reparative Therapy" and "Conversion Therapy."  This is not supported by the ministry.  The LGBT community created a petition and gathered signatures based only on the hearsay of false activist reporting.  A journalist, Helena Horton, of The London Mirror covered the story.  

All are welcome at the feet of Jesus.  All citizens have the freedom to choose what they want to read, what they want to listen to, and what they wish to attend.  Those are basic human rights.  If people choose not to believe or adopt what is being shared, that is up to the individual.  The right to speak should not be circumvented by those who are divisive or unfamiliar with the content being shared. 

'Coming Out' Ministries would like to enlist your prayers in support of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with all who desire to hear.  All are welcome.  Their presentations are loving and compassionate.  If you disagree with something you hear, we ask that you will be respectful. You matter, you belong and you are loved. 

Fulcrum7 will stay abreast of the Pasadena Seventh-day Adventist event and keep you updated with our prayer requests.  

Pasadena SDA Church statement.

[Update.  The Sabbath worship program is continuing as planned.  The LGBT protesters are planning a protest rally near the church.  Please pray that God's will is done, and that barriers of fear and misunderstanding are ameliorated by truth and God's love.]