Franklin Graham Goes Vegan

Franklin Graham surprises the Christian world with a newly announced conversion ... to veganism.  If that statement seems too outrageous to be believed, see his Facebook announcement for yourself.

The son of Billy Graham announced to his 747,000 Twitter followers that he is adopting a vegan diet in the new year, which means he will not eat animal products.  This includes no butter, eggs and milk.  Graham is taking the vow seriously enough to post daily images of his vegan meals on Twitter.  He has also included at least one image of something disgusting that he claims he used to eat: a pig’s head.  

The website Christian Today quoted Graham as explaining his vegan diet is to control his weight and reclaim his health.

VegNews – the nation’s “premier vegan lifestyle magazine” – was among the first to take note of Graham’s new diet, reminding him that there are plenty of “God-given” non-animal proteins that will keep him satiated.  It also suggested he eat plenty of potatoes and legumes. 

It is funny to see some of his twitter followers trying to tempt Graham back to his senses by posting pictures of flesh food.  Here's one comment:   "Don't want to be negative but how can a man live without bacon?"

So far, Graham hasn't yielded his new dietary convictions.

What brought about such a change in the man who will lead a prayer at the 2017 inauguration? Almost all of what he discussed in his original announcement, and his follow-up tweets, has to do with his health.  And this is a very sound strategy: A plant-based diet is tremendous as a bulwark against everything from cancer to heart disease.  

While Graham revealed that "everyone is betting" his new vegan diet won't last two days, he figures that if biblical figures like Daniel can do it, so can he. 

"Remember in the Bible, Daniel went on a complete vegetable diet and after 10 days, his appearance was better than the others who hadn't," Graham said.  Graham called on his supporters to help him by posting any great vegetarian/vegan recipes that they would like to share.  With over 5,600 comments as of Wednesday morning, Graham's fans gave him a plethora of different advice.

Screenshot 2017-01-06 08.48.55.png

So Franklin Graham is learning what we Adventists have known for over a century, a plant-based diet is the best diet.  Bon Appètit !!



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