Day 4 Annual Council

Adventism 911

G.T. Ng acknowledges that Adventism has had its share of defections and crisis' in the past.  He lists several of these crisis:

  1. The Marion Defection
  2. D.M. Canright
  3. 1888 Theological Crisis
  4. The 1901 Organizational Crisis
  5.  The Kellogg Crisis
  6. The Conradi Defection
  7. The Ford Crisis


G.T. Ng speaking

"The church endured these crisis' and moved on.  We should become historians, learning from the past. 

"The Lord has declared that the history of the past shall be rehearsed as we near the close of probation" (EGW).

"The church is deeply rooted in prophetic history.  Remind us dear Lord that we have a mission.  Remind us, dear Lord that rebellion has no future.

Satan wants to break up the church.  It is not to be broken up into independent factions.  God will set things in order.  Let us have faith in Him.  Any new organization means apostasy in the church.

We have more to fear from within than from without. 

Remind us dear Lord, that rebellion has no future.

Remind us dear Lord that revival and reformation is our greatest need.

Remind us dear Lord that distraction doesn't pay."

This concluded G.T. Ng's presentation.


At the close of G.T. Ng's report, Elder Wilson asked if there were any comments.  The Danish president expressed his concerns, saying it was somewhat ominous, perhaps portending the events tomorrow.  G.T. answered that this presentation was conceived a year ago and delivered today.  It was not written specifically for Monday's meeting.  Most of the audience applauded.

Then Ricardo Graham stepped to the microphone and expressed concern that the report contained some opinion, and should not be considered a report, but rather a presentation.  Elder Wilson responded that as Executive Secretary, G.T. Ng can say whatever he likes.  The report passed with overwhelming support; there were a murmer of dissenting voices.