Pacific Union Denies Loan to Amazing Facts For New Outreach Center

Amazing Facts has been one of the greatest evangelistic servants of the Adventist Message since the mid 1970's.  

Under the visionary leadership of Joe Crews, the Amazing Facts Ministry  has published millions of Christ-centered Bible studies, along with their radio and television broadcast.  In 1994, Doug Batchelor, an energetic soul-winning evangelist and author, took the reins of the ministry.  Pastor Doug is an innovative speaker with an unusual ability to communicate both to believers, and to the unchurched throughout the world.  Under Doug's leadership, the ministry has grown exponentially — reaching more people in more ways than ever before.  Pastor Doug has also presented  dynamic soul-winning seminars around the world, resulting in multiplied thousands of baptisms and new lives in Christ.

Bible Answers Live is is broadcast live on hundreds of media outlets around the world.  In every area of outreach — whether radio or TV, publications, prophecy seminars, training programs, Bible schools, or the internet — Amazing Facts is giving people the biblical answers they need to make an informed and heartfelt decision for Christ, and equipping them to lead others to Him.

The growth & success of this Amazing ministry (pun intended) has produced the need for a new ministry center.  After over a decade of planning, working, and praying through countless obstacles, construction has finally begun on the Amazing Facts W.O.R.D. Center (World Outreach, Revival and Discipleship).  They broke ground on June 1, 2017.


On Tuesday of last week, Fulcrum7 received a phone call from a concerned church member. This is what we were told:

"Amazing Facts sought a loan from the Pacific Union to finance part of their new building project, (the Word Center).  The executive committee considered the request, and to my utter shock, voted to deny the request because of Doug Batchelor's conviction that the Bible teaches male leadership."   

Fulcrum7 reached out to both the PUC and Amazing Facts to verify the story.  An Amazing Facts staffer admitted that the story was true but preferred not to comment on it much further. The PUC has not responded to our inquiry at the time of publishing.

[Editor update.  The PUC Communications Department just responded to our question "Is it true that Amazing Facts was denied a loan because of their position on women's ordination?"  

"It is not our policy to comment on the actions taken by our administrative and management committees."   Ray Tetz.]

Unions in the NAD generally have a fund that is made available to churches and worthy ministries at a decent rate of interest.  In the Columbia Union, we call that the Revolving Fund.

That the PUC would deny a loan to a faithful ministry with the track record of Amazing Facts, all because of their (PUC's) fascination with ordaining women, is--in this writer's opinion--a new low in partisan pettiness.  It aptly illustrates the vindictive spirit behind the WO agenda--jamming an unwashed thumb in the eye of faithful Adventist evangelism.

This would be a good time for faithful Seventh-day Adventist church members around the world who appreciate the Advent Message and Amazing Facts' Ministry, to rise up and support Amazing Facts directly with your prayers and generous donations.  I will certainly be sending them a donation as well.  

God bless!