The One Project Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Good day, Lads!  While enjoying me morning crumpets and watching the rain outside today, I had an email delivered to my bourdoir that made me want to yell supercalifragilisticexpialidociousI!   The One Project is shutting down.

I'm a bit chuffed about it.

The semi-popular ministry that focused on many progressive things while claiming to focus on Jesus, is closing its doors of church division--for now.  After all the young souls that they have attempted to lead astray through recalibration, they are now taking a break.  The only misfortune is that I believe this ministry has done a bit of damage within the church and was not nipped in the bud soon enough.  It bears noting that this organization has cost the jobs of many pastors, Bible workers & Conference employees--all for speaking out against this progressive ministry.   

So what is the real reason for this unexpected TTFN (ta ta for now)?   Are they: Too busy, creating something worse, repenting, or awash in opprobrium?  I would be delighted to discover that it's some sort of repentance.    May God bless the founders of the One Project with a renewed appreciation for the Three Angels' Messages, and a revived commitment to calling God's people out of Babylon.  I will extend my paws to them in this endeavour!

 I believe this is not the last time we will be hearing from the One Project, but if you’re interested in attending their last meeting it will be held on the venerable day of the Sun (Sunday) and Monday, next year in February.  Here is a link to the blog in regards to the One Project and its looming demise.