Caffeine--It's Cheaper Than Crack

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth.  Oil is the first.  Clearly humanity has a thing for black drippy liquids.

I could be perceived as subhuman, but I hate coffee, even though I grew up in a home where everybody drank it.  It's not easy being one of three or four guys on the planet who do not indulge.  I would rather lick rancid drippings off the boots of a thousand storm troopers, rather gargle hot summer roof asphalt than drink the miserable bitter brew known as coffee.  When I worked in commercial construction for eight years, my friend Kent and I were the only people out of thirty who didn't drink the vile black brew.

I guess like everything else, it started when i was a child.  Every morning i would wake to the gurgling, asthmatic wheeze of the coffee percolator, yeah the percolator.  It sounds like some thirteenth century torture device. "Throw them in the percolator, that will show 'em."  After I became used to the " plic, plic, plicka-plic" of said device, my nose would be assaulted and most definitely insulted by the smell.  Oh, the smell !!

The smell came at me even if I breathed through my mouth.  It would sneak up and attack my nose from behind.  The smell is so intense it makes your eyes bulge out like a Gecko with Graves Disease.  Along with Spring Skunk and Gorilla Armpit it is the only smell that can cover up the stink of the dead.  I hate coffee.  It's a lonely life out there if you don't like the stuff.  Just ask those other three or four guys--if you can find them.  They're probably asleep somewhere.

"Oh come on !! I drink coffee and it doesn’t kill me, in fact I feel great !" 

Here's what happens when you drink a cup of coffee

Joe Slurp takes a nice big drink of caffeinated mud-water “Ahhh…” (what he doesn’t know is that there is enough caffeine in a cup of coffee to kill a person (120-milligrams).  Inject that amount into the bloodstream, and you’re gonna die.  Caffeine is a toxin.  Another word for toxin is a poison.  That sounds kind of harsh, so we'll just call it a toxin.  A toxin is a foreign substance that the body has no use for. 

As soon as the caffeine hits the stomach, the stomach hollers out to the adrenal glands “Hey. We have an emergency over here!  Rev up the metabolism and dump a lot of sugar into the bloodstream and hurry !!” Joe feels this and says “That’s why I was sluggish this morning. I had a coffee deficiency..” Uhh, no.  You have a weakened vitality which only responds to stimulants, and it is gradually getting worse. 

The stomach process the toxin by sending it over to the liver “You take care of this poison.” 
The liver says “Where’s the calcium?  I can neutralize this poison but I need calcium.” 
Stomach replies “I sent you everything I had..” 
Liver “I need calcium to process this toxin!!” 
Stomach “Sorry...” 
The Liver goes to the bones.  "Knock knock…"
Bones says “Who’s there?” 
Liver “It’s Mr. Liver.  I need to borrow some calcium, and hurry!” 
Bones  “Forget it.  You did that yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that and the day before…” 
Liver  “But we have a life-threatening toxin to neutralize.” 
Bones..sighs.  “Oh allright, but you must PROMISE to pay it back !!  We are getting weaker and weaker…” Bones pulls more calcium out of the bones and hands to the liver. 
Liver,  “OK, I’ll pay it back” (he is assuming that Joe Slurp will amend his ways, get off stimulants and start giving the body what it needs – live nutrition). 
The liver takes the calcium, neutralizes the toxin (caffeine) and sends it out the urinary tract. “Glad that’s over with.” 

So what was the cost here?  Didn’t kill anybody.  Joe is still functioning (presumably) but there is a big cost.  The bones have lost more calcium density and the body vitality is slightly weaker. Over time, the bones develop huge holes in the marrow as they become osteoporotic (I have seen some of these medical bone models).  And because the body vitality is slightly less, Joe will “need” more stimulants tomorrow just to function. This is a cycle that ends in premature death at worst, and a lower quality of life at best. 

New Caffeine Research by Ross Grant at Sydney Adventist Hospital

"Caffeine sits alongside pink meat and stress as a key issue negatively impacting well being, in response to a ground-breaking research by the Australasian Analysis Institute (ARI) at Sydney Adventist Hospital, a Seventh-day Adventist well being establishment in Sydney, Australia.  This article was published in Want Joy who apparently got it from the Review.

For the previous three years, the ARI has been learning the results of life-style on well being. It confirmed the outcomes of earlier research displaying that stress, sleep (amount and high quality), pink meat and physique fats are key triggers for rises in oxidative stress. Nevertheless, researchers had been stunned to find that caffeinated drinks had been additionally considerably related to oxidative stress within the physique.

Oxidative stress is linked to accelerated getting older and the event of life-style ailments comparable to coronary heart illness and sure forms of dementia, together with Alzheimer’s illness.

ARI CEO Ross Grant mentioned the influence could possibly be noticed amongst analysis individuals who drank as little as one cup of espresso a day.

“We didn’t simply see an all-or-none impact,” he mentioned. “We noticed that when you had a little bit, it had an impact, when you had extra, it had extra of an impact, and so forth.”

Whereas he understands the social advantages of this era's café tradition, he urged folks to rethink their alternative of drink.

“There are a number of in style messages on the market that caffeine is by some means good for you.  It has been promoted,” he mentioned.

“The arguments for the advantages of caffeine exterior of the rapid social interplay are, I feel, superficial and so they trivialize the influence of what caffeine really can and does do at a biochemical stage.

“We now have identified for a while that caffeine is related to coronary heart illness, it reduces the standard of sleep, and will increase anxiousness and despair.

“However folks have tended to push that apart. They are saying, ‘Oh sure, however once I rise up within the morning and have my cup of espresso, I really feel so good.’

“Sadly, like most leisure medication, the ‘elevate’ that caffeine offers has a costly pay-off, and our research suggests your physique is much less effectively in consequence.”

The ARI research, “Important Relationships Between a Easy Marker of Redox Steadiness and Life-style Behaviours; Relevance to the Framingham Threat Rating,” has been accepted for publication within the distinguished medical science journal Public Library of Science (PLOS one).

The research checked out each the physiological and biochemical adjustments to the physique attributable to varied life-style behaviors.

“The thought was to attempt to learn how life-style shifts the physique’s biochemistry that drives you to both well being or illness,” Grant mentioned.

South Pacific Division affiliate well being director Paul Rankin mentioned the research reinforces the well being rules which have lengthy been promoted by the Adventist Church. “[Our church] has long endorsed keeping away from caffeine,” he mentioned.

Grant mentioned the research has opened new home windows to understanding caffeine results on each collective and particular person well being. “We discovered that there’s definitely a collective impact, however every particular person life-style habits additionally has a big impact by itself.  So it was fairly fascinating,” he mentioned."


My advice?  Kick the habit, and introduce more healthy drinks into the body.  Your liver and bones will thank you!

"Everything is permissible for me," but not everything is beneficial.  "Everything is permissible for me," but I will not be mastered by anything" (1 Corinthians 6:12).