Secrets Unsealed Will Be Coming to North Carolina After All !

Last Sabbath evening, Fulcrum7 received a news tip that the Hendersonville, North Carolina  SDA Church unexpectedly cancelled a series by Stephen Bohr of Secrets Unsealed.  The February 23-25 series, although scheduled and announced weekly for almost a year in advance, was abruptly cancelled, according to an announcement during the worship service by the Pastor, David Wright.

The reason for the cancellation, given by a regretful Pastor Wright, was that the Carolina Conference determined that Pastor Bohr is too divisive because of his opposition to WO.  Pastor Wright made it clear that he did not share this assessment and that he has great respect for Elder Bohr.

That cancellation has since been overturned, and the invitation re-extended to Pastor Bohr  on the appointed date.  Here's what we know about the cancellation and the overturning of the cancellation.  From Secrets Unsealed staff:

Pastor Wright spoke with the Conference President and he (Conf. Pres) said the conference can suggest not to invite someone, but the final decision belongs to the church, according to the church manual  (The President was correct on this).
So, the Pastor [David Wright] called Pastor Bohr and told him that the invitation stands. Pastor Bohr will be going after all.
The Ministerial Director [previously] told Pastor Bohr that the conference suggested he not come but now we are finding out that the President did not know anything about this.
The conference has not taken any official stand against Pastor Bohr, but the Ministerial Director was the one who called Pastor Wright and told him that he should cancel the invitation.
on behalf of Pastor Bohr



  • The February 23-25 Meetings are on!
  • It appears that the Conference President, Leslie Louis, was not aware that the Ministerial Director (Haskell Williams) was suggesting that Pastor Bohr not be invited to North Carolina. 
  • It appears that the reason for the suggested unwelcome was Haskell's personal support for women's ordination.
  • It appears that when the Carolina Conference President learned of the dis-inviting of Pastor Bohr, he intervened on behalf of Hendersonville SDA, and Secrets Unsealed, affirming the latitude of a local church to invite speakers of their choosing, especially those with long standing service to the Seventh-day Adventist Church (like Pastor Bohr).
  • The larger issue is that pro-WO individuals in NAD church leadership positions often use their authority to prevent alternative viewpoints from being shared with members in the pew.  This is done in spite of the fact that the World Church has taken a formal stand against WO, and Church members have a right to know the theology behind the Church's decisions.
  • The invitation was re-extended to Pastor Bohr, and he has accepted it. 
  • This should be an especially good meeting, make plans to attend if you have not done so.