Live Updates: Tuesday at Fall Council

10:43 - Financial compliance being discussed.

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10:49 - Discussion on the financial compliance . . . GCAS

Ed Zinke - We need one person to be responsible for financial compliance. If everybody is responsible—no one is responsible. The buck should stop with someone.

Female Member from ECD quotes Ecclesiastes 8:11 - “Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the children of man is fully set to do evil..” We need to be compliant in every area of our lives under God.”

NAD Treasurer Tom Evans - We are short on personnel. We need more qualified auditors.

Audit Report passes. No opposed.

11:07 - Transparency & Integrity - Juan Prestol Puesan. “Transparency is not limited to just finances. Some of you were appalled at the report you just saw. The report would have been worse if we had not put in place accountability. People are missing today—all prisoners to their cell phones. Some who need to hear these words are not here." This is a matter (ethics) that is crucial to the Church.” Integrity is more about uprightness. Transparency and integrity are the two pillars of good government (or should be).”

“Christ is the source of every right impulse. He is the only One that can implant . . .”

“Trust is all we have. Our money is in the bank accounts of our members. If they don’t trust, they won’t give” (Juan Prestol Puesan).

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11:34 - Lowell Cooper. “We are in the age of electronic media. How do we get information - do I have a way of verifying tips on integrity? Confidentiality has a place in trustworthy leadership.”

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“What convincing reasons will the conference treasurer offer to the accountant for why a move is necessary at this time?”

Natasha Dysinger “Just moving a treasurer to another area because they have transgressed some ethical conduct is an unsatisfactory practice.”

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Kathy Profitt - “We should not kick people upstairs, promote them to just get rid of them.”

Conference President - “When a conference president calls me and says ‘“I have the perfect pastor for you”’ that raises serious questions.”

12:00 - break for lunch.

2 PM - back from lunch

2:16 - Continued discussion about placing real estate property in trust when moving to a new field.

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2:35 - One suggestion is: decide travel by rotation. If personal travel works out, separate all expenses.

Report from the Buryat Mission.

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