Parallels of Peril

After the Sunday decision on Compliance at Annual Council, several Church entities demonstrated just why the Compliance Document was needed in the first place. The ink had scarcely dried on the Document, when the NAD issued a statement that said in essence:

“The SDA Church is pretty much Roman Catholic for encouraging accountability, and we are plotting how we can further our course” (translated ‘deepen our rebellion’).

Within 20-hours, the Columbia Union issued a statement of their own—one very much like Big Brother Division in tone and nomenclature. Here is a review and analysis of the Columbia Union statement:

CUC Statement: “We know many in our union are disappointed in the vote at Annual Council”

Lucifer in heaven: “He cunningly drew his hearers on to give utterance to their feelings; then these expressions were repeated by him when it would serve his purpose, as evidence that the angels were not fully in harmony with the government of God” (PP 38).

CUC Statement:  “We know many in our Union are disappointed in the vote at Annual Council to implement a new system of compliance over church entities around the world.  We are too.

CUC Statement:  “And while we are a faithful and loyal part of God’s Church”

Lucifer in heaven: “… claiming for himself perfect loyalty to God, he urged that changes in the order and laws of heaven were necessary for the stability of the divine government. Thus while working to excite opposition to the law of God and to instill his own discontent into the minds of the angels under him, he was ostensibly seeking to remove dissatisfaction and to reconcile disaffected angels to the order of heaven. While secretly fomenting discord and rebellion, he with consummate craft caused it to appear as his sole purpose to promote loyalty and to preserve harmony and peace” (PP 38).

CUC Statement:  “we struggle to see His hand in this decision.  Our concerns continue about the increasing centralization of authority at the General Conference and the resulting administrative overreach.”

Lucifer in heaven: “The exaltation of the Son of God as equal with the Father was represented as an injustice to Lucifer, who, it was claimed, was also entitled to reverence and honor.” (PP 37). Satan claimed that “it was his object to secure freedom for all. But now even the liberty which they had hitherto enjoyed was at an end; for an absolute Ruler had been appointed them, and to His authority all must pay homage” (PP 37).

CUC Statement: “Many are asking what happens next.  In two weeks, the Executive Committee of the North American Division will discuss and decide how to address this unfortunate development.  In turn, the Columbia Union Executive Committee will meet mid-November to assess how we will approach this new reality.

“Please be assured that this vote in no way changes the status or calling of women in ministry as pastors, elders or in any other leadership role.  We greatly respect the partnership and contributions of the women serving on our unionwide ministry team.

“Our union’s mission, values and priorities are clear and will continue to guide our decisions.”

Lucifer in heaven: “He stated to them that he had called them together to assure them that he no longer would submit to this invasion of his rights and theirs” (SR 14).

CUC Statement: “Please continue to pray for God’s guidance through these turbulent days.”

Lucifer in heaven: “… for a time concealed his real purpose under an appearance of reverence for God” (PP 37).

CUC Statement: Signatures:

_____________, President

_____________, Executive Secretary

_____________, Treasurer

Lucifer in heaven: “Taking advantage of the loving, loyal trust reposed in him by the holy beings under his command” (PP 38).


“But they and our fathers acted proudly, hardened their necks, and did not heed Your commandments. They refused to obey, and they were not mindful of Your wonders that You did among them. But they hardened their necks, and in their rebellion they appointed a leader to return to their bondage” (Nehemiah 9:16-17).