Please review this video below. It occurred last evening at the NADYEM meeting:


  • Dan Jackson is attacking other Division leaders in this outburst. He also warns them to be careful how they speak about the NAD (5:35).

  • He is also attacking those who believe in biblical male leadership.

  • He breaks into an odd song at 4:58 in this clip.

  • He said this to Elder Wilson “I know that you believe that we are on the borders of Canaan. I don’t believe that. I believe that we’re headed back into the wilderness.”

  • He said “I WILL NEVER AGREE TO THAT DOCUMENT!” (referring to the Compliance Document that was voted in Battle Creek). Also “I will not enforce it on Unions and Conferences in our territory.” It’s good to know the spirit we are dealing with, dear ones.

  • Of greater concern to me than the tirade from Dan Jackson, is the cult-like standing ovations from people in the room.

  • It is also concerning that no one in this room had the courage to stand up and speak truth to this insubordinate (yes rebellious) power.

  • It has been observed that the “NAD-first” rhetoric is similar to the America First discourse coming from the current United States Presidential administration.

  • The NAD is creating a Document in response to the Compliance Document. It will be sent to the GC, and likely made available to the public when they are ready. It is very interesting to observe that when the GC Unity Oversight was drafting documents, there was an NAD-friendly leaker (or mole) who leaked sensitive information to liberal websites. Though they benefited from this unethical leaker, the NAD is demanding that no one leak this NAD document. That is hypocritical, in my opinion.

  • He (Jackson) hints that he has some sort of unethical lowdown on other divisions, that he may divulge if push comes to shove. He doesn’t say what that information is.

  • It is—in my opinion—both callow and unprincipled to say that “We should have our women’s ordination because there are worse things out there that other people are doing.” Two wrongs never make one right.

  • Interspersing belligerent defiance with platitudes about the Lord's Return is comparable to putting polymeric diisocyanate in a non-GMO smoothie and expecting us to drink it. It comes off as an odd double-minded diatribe—a mixture of poison and protein.

  • I will grant that GC policy which allows women to be pastors and elders is an unsustainable bulwark against ecclesiastical feminism. In other words, we created our own problem, one that can only be remedied with a complete walk-back of all women elders and pastors. We can find other places for them to serve. That suggests to me the eventual likelihood of three fragments emerging from the rubble of Adventism, not two. The Rebels. The Policy Pundits. The Biblical Brethren.

  • Jackson hints that American tithe could become a weapon to punish other Divisions who won’t acquiesce the the NAD demands regarding WO. Regretfully, such language is divorce language.

  • In summary. In this rebellion, we are dealing with an ideologically committed faction of the Church that appears to be willing to burn the Church down over the issue of WO (although that is not the root issue). They say they are not wanting to split from the Church, but they are getting angrier and more strident with every move by the World Church to ameliorate the problem—a problem that the NAD is causing.

“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.  For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple” (Romans 16:17-18).