Allegheny West Plans Ordination Of Woman 'Pastor' In Defiance Of GC Vote

Apparently, the express will of the World Church body, denying ordination to women as pastors in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is disregarded with the same fervor in the Regional Conferences as the rest of the Columbia Union.

The Allegheny West (black) Conference in Ohio sent William T. Cox to the 2015 San Antonio General Conference Session as a delegate.  Cox freely participated in the voting process on July 8th 2015 regarding the ordination of women.  Now, the Allegheny West Conference is planning to defy the outcome of this world-wide decision.  If a vote outcome is not to their liking, malcontents defy it.  They are above that sort of thing.

Grace Community Seventh-day Adventist Church Facebook Page:

Screenshot 2018-06-13 19.00.47.png

Following this announcement on Facebook, were 66 comments of effusive approval.  There was not one voice of concern over defying three General Conference Session votes on the ordination of women.  Not one, as of this writing.

Many of you are wondering where revival and reformation are among the Seventh-day Adventist movement.  We have wondered that, and pray for it.  Here's where it is.

It died on the altar of women's ordination.  You see, revival and rebellion cannot coexist.  One comes from above, and one comes from beneath.

If history is any indication, true revival will spring up at the grassroots level, outside the mainstream church government.  In a few cases in history, we find attempts at magisterial reform, but in most instances, revival springs up outside the mainstream of church government.  May it come soon, O Lord!


"Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground" (Psalm 143:10).