Laymen And Pastors in Australia Speak Out Against Ordaining Women

It isn’t biblical.

And that is a real problem for people living under the authority of God’s inspired Word. And that is the reason that the Seventh-day Adventist Church in formal Session has thrice refused to authorize the ordination of women.

In spite of the 1973 committee concluding that we could ordain women elders as an entering wedge, in spite of several Unions and Conferences that have defied the world Church (California and Ohio among them), in spite of North American Division’s unbiblical call for 1,000 female pastors, including sneaking them in the back door as family and children ministers, in spite of all of this, faithful Seventh-day members have consistently refused to capitulate to the unsacred demands of this culturally progressive wing of the church. Because it isn’t biblical.

Nowhere does the New Testament invest women with the sacred duty of being shepherds of the flock. And men of courage and fidelity to God’s Word are speaking up about it. The latest comes from the land down under.

A new website, pointing people to the Word of God as our Great Guide has been launched in Australia. Among the features of this website is an excellent set of recommendations for the Adventist Church as we go forward. An excerpt:

All thinking men and women within the Church will admit, what we need is a Theology of Ordination based on the Biblical mandate and example, not  reacting to the whims of a fallen western culture. We need a 29th fundamental belief, and the approval for the formulation of a committee with equal representation from around the world could be placed on the agenda at the next Annual Council scheduled for October 10-16, 2018. Unless this is carried and actioned, the agitation for women’s ordination to the Pastorate will continue to destabilize the church.

The Biblical instruction is that only men are to be appointed to the office of Elder/Bishop/Overseer. This is God’s decision, it is not mans and we have to accept it.  Mrs White was never ordained, she was never addressed as Elder or Pastor, but simply Mrs White or Sister White, despite what the pro-ordinationist lobby peddle.

There is a lot of well-thought-out material on the site, and a number of video links.

There is also an option to register your name on this site. Pastors, Retired pastors, and laymen alike are invited to register. Our advice? Join them. Stand up against the feminization of the Adventist Church!