NCC Progressives Triggered After New Youth Leader Nominated

Certain progressive members from the Northern California Conference are in a tizzy on Facebook, due to the apparent nomination of a new Youth Leader for the NCC.


Eddie Heinrich was the previous NCC Youth Leader. It seems that the NCC Nominating Committee, operating ahead of their upcoming Constituency meeting on September 30, nominated Steven Conway—a district pastor in the Michigan Conference—to be the new Youth Leader. According to Facebook chatter, the name was approved by the Nominating Committee. Sounds good. Personnel changes are not uncommon in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and there is an approved mechanism for that. Here’s how the process works.

Nominating Committee Procedure

Our Church’s rules of order are that the nominating committee is selected by an organizing committee made up of members chosen by the individual churches in the Conference.

Ahead of the Conference Constituency Meeting, the Nominating Committee (usually consisting of 15-20 individuals from different areas of the Conference) reviews positions in the Conference and nominates people to fill those positions. These names are then presented to the delegates at the Constituency Meeting. When confirmed by Constituency vote, these individuals serve their term for three to five years (however long the Conference term is). It’s a good process, and liberals love it when it works in their favor.

What we have learned from Social Media, is that certain members in the NCC are objecting to the proposed nominee for fear that he might be ‘conservative.’

One woman (Brenda) issued a call for activism on her Facebook page, summoning all Pathfinder and youth leaders of Northern California to get “Proactive." She identifies herself as an NCC Area 6 Coordinator.

“We are asking PF Leaders, Youth Leaders, Pathfinders, youth, parents and friends to send an email or letter or call to Ricardo Graham - President of Pacific Union Conference - 805 413-7264 - Address - 2686 Townsgate Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361-2701. Also please send the same to Acting President Marc Woodson - 925 603-5008- Address - P.O. Box 26165, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

We ask that you please send your support immediately as the constituency meeting is Sept 30, 2018. Please know that Pastor Eddie nor anyone in his family have had anything to do with this message.”

This is pure political activism, seeking to alter a Nominating Committee vote. The correct approach, if you disagree with a nominated name, is to just vote against the name at the Constituency Meeting. It’s unethical to try and get a chairman (Ricardo Graham) to change the outcome of a legitimate nomination. But that’s apparently what happened. One individual (Richard) wrote on Facebook:

“His name was put to a vote and and received a majority vote. Following further discussion (referring to political activism) I understand that another vote was taken to reverse their prior vote but, because a 2/3 majority is required to change a prior vote under the parliamentary rules the original vote stood. As you know, on September 30th the report of Nominating Committee will be presented to the delegates for a vote. Those delegates will have an opportunity to vote on those recommendations…I know how I will be voting”

Based on this Social Media statement, we learn two things. This individual is a delegate, and the Chairman (presumably Ricardo Graham, see comment below) called another vote to undo the vote to replace Mr. Heinrich. That second vote failed. Also implied in the above statement is that disgruntled individuals on the nominating Committee are leaking this information for the purpose of arousing opposition. Very unethical. Be watching this process, friends. It would be like Graham (or whoever the chairman is) to try and arrange a third vote just to get their way.

One Social Media user (Margaret) said

 “Yes, Please share and call your church constituents and ask for the Nominating to reconvene and correct this serious error. This is vital.”

This is also a waste of energy. The Committee chose someone else. Deal with it.
The same lady then said “Matthew was not followed!”

We’re not sure what she means here; she could be referring to Matthew 18, suggesting that the Nominating Committee is out of line for replacing someone and not using Matthew 18. Unclear. Brenda then responds:

“No it was not. Did any of us get a call to see what kind of person he is?? I did not and we have been there his whole NCC career.”

Margaret then adds

 “Another interesting thought I'd that the new dude is from Michigan Conference which is very anti women's ordination and banned George Knight's books.....good for thought.”

So the Michigan Conference is bad because they are in harmony with the World Church vote, and Northern California liberals are in a snit because of another vote, this one by their own Nominating Committee.

Another Social Media user (Torry) said this on Brenda’s Facebook page:

“Graham said to contact the delegates to the constituency session who are from your area. Any idea how we can do that? I have no idea who the delegates would be”

We assume that the “Graham” mentioned here is Ricardo Graham, who—as Union president—is likely chairing the Nominating Committee process. If so, he should be a neutral party on the Committee, demonstrating discretion on Committee decisions, and not advising people how to countermand them.


To our NCC brothers and sisters and delegates, be aware of the issues in your Conference and stand up for what you know to be God’s truth. Pray often and seek the “Joy of the Lord.”

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by a handful of people who call into question your integrity because you stand for truth or support the World Church.

Do not allow parliamentary bullying or slick maneuvers to force a liberal agenda upon you and your children.

Walk with the King, and be a blessing!