Wohlberg Releases Video Explaining WCAS

The speaker/director of White Horse Media, Elder Steve Wohlberg, has released a video explaining the origins and purpose of World Church Affirmation Sabbath.

Wohlberg relates that he was in Michigan ten days ago at Camp Au Sable, and some Michigan Conference administrators asked him what World Church Affirmation Sabbath was. He was inspired to created this video to explain in clear terms how WCAS got started.

Wohlberg hinted at a possible rapprochement between the leaders of WCAS and heretofore hostile conference officials: “Recently in my conference, Upper Columbia, I’m happy to report that there has been some good dialogue that is developing between the conference administration and the local leaders of WCAS, and I’m definitely in favor of that,” says Wohlberg. “I pray for our church. I pray for our leaders.”

“I certainly encourage you to pray for our church, that God will bring about healing, and that he will help us to be faithful, and that Jesus will come soon.”