What is WCAS?

WCAS is supportive group of Seventh-day Adventist laity around the world who appreciate the Advent Message. Besides supporting the world church, they share—in various churches around the world—a bi-annual special Sabbath that honors the unique doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Program host Larry Kirkpatrick and guest Holly Joers discuss World Church Affirmation Sabbath and Nameless Network, two lay-led, world church supporting groups determined to encourage lay member participation and uphold the Seventh-day Adventist form of church governance.

On Sabbath, September 21, 2019, WCAS friends and affiliate churches will affirm the special teachings of the Adventist Church with the theme “Walking Through The Sanctuary.” Be sure to tune in!

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In the Spring of 2020 WCAS will affirm the vital role of the Spirit of Prophecy in our church and personal lives.