The New Morality Is Here !

Hello, me lads!  ChurchMouse here, returning to the spiritual battlefront after a sumptuous vacation in Estonia, dining on rhubarb pie with biscuit topping, Chanterelle potatoes, and free-range croissants.

Now, on to matters somewhat less stimulating to the palate — namely a deluge of deviancy flowing into both doors of the church.  

Pro-feminist activists in our church, first exulting in a collective NAD thumb-nose at the world church over WO, are now pressing on towards more rainbow-colored pastures in search of the next holy grail of equality.  The sad truth is, the church is being systematically colonized by the world, in fact, parts of it are too far gone to save.  

The Feminist / Homosexual Connection

It’s true, Sir.  There is a connection between Femventism (my word) and LGBT rights.  Here’s why.  It’s because both movements claim to be founded on the principle of equality and justice for all people, and they both operate on the low-octane fuel of sentimental license.  This new shift in thinking demands a new morality for a new anamorphic religion.  WO laid the foundation for this new focus, its work prioritizing a new morality above the morality of the 10 Commandments.  That morality is called equality, and equality becomes these progressives’ highest virtue.

New Morality

In the New Morality, disparity is immoral.  That's why these Femventists view lefty activists  in the secular world in a much friendlier manner than their Commandment-keeping brothers & sisters–who have the faith of Jesus.  They both (Femventists and lefty activists) sit on the broken foundation of the New Morality, waiting to rebuild the world and the church in their own image.  These New Morality Femventists don't see issues the same way as Adventists anymore, and the gap continually widens, exchanging the warm handclasp of objective truth for the slipping fingers and clawing nailmarks of subjective New Morality.  This kind of thinking is so deeply entrenched in our church’s academic elites and the institutions they dominate, it is the defining ideology of our Division, whether we like it or not.

Curiously, equality is not even mentioned in the Ten Commandments. The 5th Commandment is about authority, which implies inequality.  The 10th Commandment indicates — since it is only directed to males — that the male is the most responsible party in the family.  In Western culture, the New Morality of equality eventually leads to getting rid of the rule of law and installing a monarch or dictator that enforces the equality on society to " better " society and stand up for the common people.  This is Social Justice, and to whatever degree church members adopt the New Morality, they will simultaneously adopt the elements of Social Justice.

These shifting sands bring each of us to a point of decision.  No thinking member of our church can escape the necessity of negotiating some kind of relationship with the claims of New Morality.  Which is of higher moral priority?  The Commandments of God?  Or equality (New Morality)?  

  • If it's the Commandments of God, we have fellowship with our brothers and sisters who also believe the same (1 John 1:7), even though they may not see precisely as we do on every minor point.
  • If equality is the highest moral priority, these people would be better off leaving the Church.  Sounds too severe?  We were told this already:
Those who feel called out to join the movement in favor of woman's rights and the so-called dress reform might as well sever all connection with the third angel's message.  The spirit which attends the one cannot be in harmony with the other.  The Scriptures are plain upon the relations and rights of men and women (Testimonies 1, p. 421).  

In the Femventist push for equality, their yin and yang image of harmony is blurred into a gray circle.  For them, there is no distinction, no balance of differences.  Think lively now:
Every individual (Gayventist) who is agitating for LGBT acceptance in the SDA church, was first agitating for WO.  The Akers, Oberg, LLUC panel on gay theology, John McLarty, Hollywood SDA, Aubyn Fulton, Alicia Johnston, Leslie Pollard, Kris Widmer, Chico SDA leaders and various Conference & NAD leaders and a thousand others.  And this is only the first puddles of a rising flood of New Morality.  As the Yanks are wont to say  “We ain’t seen nothin yet.”  

Here's one illustration of many:

This public photo was posted in 2016 by Julio Munoz on his Facebook page with the caption #LoveWins.

This public photo was posted in 2016 by Julio Munoz on his Facebook page with the caption #LoveWins.

NAD Associate Director of Communications


Equality has become the new moral righteousness of our time, albeit a false righteousness.  Its offerings are works of righteousness marketed through social justice and all of its subtexts.  This is also why lefty Adventism is finding a new friend in lefty politics.   They share the same New Morality, and having lost their compass they are left to drift towards the magnetic shore of utopianism.  New Morality, Social Justice — in their current political trajectory — are absolutely incompatible with righteousness (Ephesians 4:24).  Why?  Because you in it you exchange what is lawful for what is legal. 

The result of the push for equality is to wipe out the distinctions between male and female, between God and human, between Creator and creation (Romans 1:25-27).  But that isn't the divine design of harmony our God has envisioned.  True equality for women allows them to be perfectly happy in their half of the circle.  They can rejoice in who they are without trying to become their male counterpart.

Marriage has been the bedrock of Western civilization for two millennia.  Prior to that, the Greco-Roman pagan world allowed all kinds of sexual expressions and views of the divine.  In its understanding of both God and man, the West is now returning to those pagan morals-in the name of freedom, love, civil rights, diversity and equality (New Morality).  Such “values” free us from the definitions of human nature established by the Creator.  Darwin and Marx appear to have triumphed.  Our culture no longer believes that God created the cosmos nor that He set heterosexual marriage in place as the fundamental human and societal building block.

Many people still want to be spiritual, to have a moral universe and a sense of meaning for their lives, but shorn of any notion of a personal, truth-defining Creator.  Equality is elevated as the New Morality, and New Morality demands women’s ordination, creating Femventism.  True to its defining ideology—equality--Femventism yields its sentimental license to homosexuality, creating Gayventism and Tranventism.  Gayventism demands “gay marriage” in the church as its legitimizing ritual, without any basis in the Word of God.  They are importing the world into the Church--right before our very eyes.

There is a solution:  A gift of the Holy Spirit and a return to the Word of God.

Steady on, dear friends!  Jesus is coming soon.



(Next article is on the dangers of political conservatism.)