Liberal Celebrities Advocate New Movement: Shutoff Sundays

Katy Perry and and Ariana Huffington recently talked about the need to grant ourselves permission for something like recharging, coining the movement, “Shutoff Sundays,” a day to unplug, recharge and take a break from your devices.  “Just give yourself the weekend. You can give yourself one day,” Perry said. “That’s something I have wanted to do, and I’ve been so addicted to my phone.  I keep on talking the talk and I really want to walk the walk.”

Huffington agreed, “It’s a day to basically be with yourself, be with your loved ones,” she said. “Read a book, a real book, not on screens.  In a world where disconnecting from technology has become somewhat taboo, we need to embrace missing out."

“I’ve been a part of the problem in the past,” Perry said.  “And I want to be part of the solution.”

So why Sunday?

“You’re going to have to pick a day for yourself,”  Perry said. “But for me that’s Sunday, and it feels very holy in a way.”  "Pick a day for yourself.  It feels very holy to me."  Narcissism. Feelings. Narcissism.  

These people could be closer to the wrong Mark than they realize (Revelation 13:17).