Pacific Union Recorder Praises Bisexual Ex-'Pastor'

The June issue of the Pacific Union Recorder praises Alicia Johnston (former 'pastor' of Foothills Community Church in Arizona) as the featured speaker for a February 10-11 female youth conference in Arizona (What is Love).  The event was organized by the Arizona Young Women's Experience, and held at Thunderbird Academy.  The Arizona Young Women's Experience is sponsored by the Arizona Youth Department and Arizona Women's Ministry.  The Arizona Women's Ministry department has a long history of supporting women's ordination.

Johnston also spoke on March 12 at a similar event, for young girls age 14 and older.  This event was at Paradise Valley Church.

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The fact that the Pacific Union Recorder refers to Johnston as a "former pastor" indicates that they are fully aware of her bisexual 'coming out' video in April, and subsequent resignation as 'pastor.'   Three things:

  1. By publishing this story on pages 24-25 of the June issue of the Pacific Union Recorder, after she came out as bisexual, they endorse what should be denounced.
  2. That Arizona young women are being exposed to the teachings of a bisexual pastorette, should be a tremendous cause for concern from both Arizona parents and leaders.  Instead of an appropriate apology for exposing Adventist youth (mostly girls) to grievous moral error, they (PUC & Arizona) praise Alicia Johnston in the June Recorder. 
  3. The theme of the February 10-11 Arizona Young Women's Experience Event is What is Love.  While love is a wonderful attribute of God, there are many false kinds of love, including the kind that says "This is who I am (bisexual), and that's something I love about myself" -- Alicia Johnston.  According to the Bible, genuine love is revealed in honoring God's Holy Law (John 14:15; 1 John 5:3).

Comments from AZ Young W.E Attendees

"Pastor Alicia Johnston shared a new perspective on loving God and thinking outside the box when it comes to who we choose to build the Kingdom with."

“This event has been the highlight of my 1.5 years in Arizona!  To see such unity and fellowship in young women, I have never seen before, and I was changed by what was shared in this sacred space.” – Aria (Camp Yavapines).