Hungary Removes Gender Studies From Universities

'Ello, me lads!  The Mouse here, reporting in from jolly old England on an even jollier bit of news!  

Gender outrage warriors will have to learn grievances from somewhere else in Hungary, as the country’s government has decided to remove gender studies programs from state-run universities.  Positively flashy!  I may celebrate this news with a small spot of cheese, if I can find some.

Academic Feminism---whose motto is "If you aren't a splenetic snoutband before you take a class with us, you will immediately become one"---will have her right arm tied behind her cantankerous back.  In Hungary anyway.  It's a start.

A Hungarian government official correctly observed that the Gender Study programs are based on “ideology rather than science,” and should not be taught in higher education, according to the Hungarian political magazine Heti Világgazdaság and a translation in the left-leaning Pluralist and other outlets.  Another government spokesman told Breitbart News that the degrees were of no use to students looking for work.

“There is no economic rationale for studies such as these,” he said, as the degree does not “furnish students with skills that can be readily and directly converted on the labour market." He added that the programs aren’t sustainable and "take away valuable resources from other programs, deteriorating the economic stability of universities.”  I say "Good show!"  It confirms a suspicion I have held for quite some time.

Feminism doesn't exist to help women just as credit cards don't exist to help you save money.  Like your bank, feminism may rarely help women within very specific intersectional terms buried within its social justice documentation.  Banks exist to serve their shareholders, not their customers.  Feminism serves its leftist shareholders who want earnest young female college students and a hundred other identity groups to feel that multinational Big Brother is looking out for them.  As millions of western women have discovered in the real world, that is a lie.   

The left does not help women.  The left only helps the left.  Beneath slick western university advertising (even in Adventist Universities), is this raw fact.  Ideological feminism is not in the business of caring, but of coordinating, and it exploits empathy to gain recruits only to mandate the things that they are allowed to care about in a coordinated ideological fashion.  In other words, modern feminism is more concerned about an alphabet soup of identities and turning your daughter into a green-haired butch than they are about teaching women to be chaste, discreet, and to love their husbands and children and to be keepers at home (Titus 2:5).  No surprise there (1 John 3:13; John 15:18).

Feminism is filled with things that it can’t talk about, like the muslim immigrant rape culture over here in Europe.  That’s why it long ago hit a dead end.  It is too obsessed with being politically correct to be relevant.  It can’t advocate for women and so it frantically stirs up micro-controversies that are irrelevant to 99.99% of women.  Its usefulness is thus reduced to academic obsession with gender fluidity---ultimately turning your daughters and sisters into angry brightly dyed butches with buzz cuts and piercings through every dent or rise on their faces. 

Gender studies have completely abandoned any pragmatic reason for their existence.  They are far more concerned about protesting the word patriarchy than learning how to spell it.  But not in Hungary.  Not anymore.

The UK and the Yanks abroad should take a lesson from Hungary and stop subsidizing
women's courses in their universities.  Who needs a college course in Lesbian Dance Theory anyway?  Normal people don't.  Christians wouldn't.  And Adventists shouldn't.

I shall now look for my missing cheese to celebrate this splendid news.