Florida Hospital Launches Secret "Project Fulcrum"

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Florida Hospital has a stealth team working at an undisclosed location to "Kill the old health care model" according to CEO Daryl Tol.  This secret program is called Project Fulcrum. 

We're not sure how Florida Hospital came up with the name of this stealth program.  It was supposed to be a secret, anyway.  We do think Project Fulcrum sounds better than Project Bob; as Charles Colton said "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery."

“The idea is internal disruption.  The team is working on it full time.  They’re separated from the meetings, emails, everything,” said Tol, president and CEO of Florida Hospital and senior executive vice president of Adventist Health System.  Apparently, Google and Amazon have similar "disruption programs."

“Google and Amazon use a very sophisticated internal disruption model, where they encourage failure,” he said.  “Google has dozens of teams that are constantly pushing.  Health care lacks that prodding and we wanted to start that.”

In an act of sheer goodwill, and since Florida Hospital borrowed our name for their secret project we decided to help them out with a few failure suggestions:  

  • Move away from Seventh-day Adventist biblical distinctives, and follow a worldy model of health care.  That would certainly lead to failure in heaven's eyes.
  • Ignore the Spirit of Prophecy's vital counsel on preventative health care.
  • Continue to explore progressive spirituality and introduce mysticism to to your patients and employees (as you did with Leland Kaiser for example).
  • Seek the approval of the AMA more than the approval of heaven.  Don't bother warning people of the impending judgments of God found in Revelation chapter 14.
  • Use your influence to normalize homosexuality as a viable lifestyle.  Do the same for the acute confusion of transsexual dysphoria.
  • Continue centralizing our health care into large multi-million dollar monoliths instead of the SOP counsel to have larger number of smaller medical missionary outposts in every corner of the world.
  • Pay doctors and administrators huge salaries disproportionate with pastors in lieu of the counsel we have been given.
  • Assist in the rebellion of women's ordination.  That will bring a generous measure of failure.
  • Align yourselves with Catholic Health Care and adopt some of their mystical ways like labyrinths and Desert Father meditation.  Look for an article on these things, soon.
  • So there's our list.  There's only one problem.  Adventist Health System (who is currently changing its name to AdventHealth) is already doing these things. 

The project (Fulcrum) kicked off earlier this year with a core team of eight and a variable number of experts from inside and outside of the health system, including people from retail, engineering, programming, banking and health-care.

Short of a blank check, team Fulcrum has access to “significant investment to redirect the ship,” Tol said.  Great, that's what we are trying to do too.  Only, we are concerned with calling people back to the biblical distinctives of the Word of God and the Three Angels' Messages.

Kelli Murray, CEO of MedSpeaks and co-founder of the Health Innovators community, said she was moved by Tol’s “recognition that the health-care industry is monolithic.  It’s adverse to change.  It’s slow moving and it’s rooted in tradition.  And to hear his perspective … he gets it.  He really gets it.”

The project is working with international advertising and consulting agency R/GA, whose clients include Nike, Google and McDonald’s.

Tol said Project Fulcrum will have tangible products and solutions, but he would not say what they are or when they’ll be shared with the public.

Fulcrum’s products will be implemented first at Florida Hospital, which serves as the hub for Project Fulcrum, and can potentially spread across its parent company Adventist Health System, he said.

We're not certain what they are disrupting, but Fulcrum7 will report on Project Fulcrum as more information becomes available.  Stay tuned! 

And don't compromise.