Ohio Youth Meeting Patterns Itself After The One Project

This weekend marks the fourth installment of a youth revival series for high school students in Ohio.  Previously promoted under the name Revive, One Life Midwest is an unapologetic tribute to The One Project

From the One Life Midwest Web page:

In February 2011, Adventists from all over the globe converged in Atlanta, Georgia to be part of The One Project: a three-day gathering where each member shared their hopes, dreams, and understandings of Jesus with each other.  The One Project was an incredible success as attendees left renewed and hopeful with their eyes set on Jesus.

About a month later, a group of teachers and pastors from Southern California began wondering if they could share this singular focus on Jesus with high school students.  These teachers and pastors wanted more than anything else to create an environment for an unforgettable encounter with Jesus.  From those meetings, the plans were laid for the first ever One Life.

There are serious theological concerns about the One Project, prompting General Conference Executive leaders and Division presidents to release a statement regarding independent ministries in April 11 this year.  It was a much-needed statement in our opinion, calling into question the discernment of any group who pattern themselves after it.  

In 2015 and 2016, the Ohio Revive was organized by youth pastors Jeremy Wong and Elliot Smith.  The first Revive meetings saw a faithful reproduction of elements of The One Project including loud contemporary music, recalibration sessions, controversial speakers and media.


Revive 1

The first Revive had as its centerpiece media the video series called The Record Keeper, a doctrinally questionable production condemned by the Biblical Research Institute.  The guest speaker was the ghetto preacher.  He introduced the young people to the horrors of sin with a story about a man that mugged and raped his own mother.

Revive 2

The second Revive meeting saw the invitation of Illusionist Zak Mirzadeh, who simulated hypnotism, quoted the atheist creed while levitating a rod, told a highly spiritualistic story, flashed troublesome subliminal words in video, etc.  The second speaker introduced the youth to Jonathan Henderson, the same Jonathan Henderson known for the Adam & Steve sermon, normalizing homosexuality.  The weekend was also marked by the testimony of a prostitute that graphically described how she was compelled into prostitution along with graphic descriptions of sex acts including gang rape with no spiritual or redemptive dialogue.  There were other activities, and the meeting ended with the young people interviewing potential simulated pimps and prostitutes in a game against sex trafficking.

Revive 3

Under the additional leadership of Jason Calvert and Joel Greve, the third Revive, re-branded One Life, invited speakers with a history of promoting women’s ordination, and Seventh-day Activism (Michael Polite) and spiritual formation (Ben Lundquist) along with various One Project elements.

One Life Midwest

The fourth installment of this Youth Meeting, begins tonight (August 24, 2018).  Link

One Life Midwest meeting for youth. Rock and Roll, man.


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