Leland Kaiser Passes Away

Leland Royce Kaiser, 82, of Brighton passed away on Thursday, January 3, 2019.

Memorial service will be held at 2:30 pm on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at the Brighton Seventh-day Adventist Church, 567 East Bromley Lane, Brighton, CO. Our condolences to the family.

Who was Leland Kaiser?

Leland Kaiser Ph.D was a senior fellow of the Estes Park Institute in Health Futures and Spirituality. Dr. Kaiser was founder and president of Kaiser Consulting, a health care consulting firm located in Brighton, Colorado. He is also a co-founder of the Kaiser Institute; providing postgraduate educational programs for advanced training in intuition, philanthropy, and leadership training for health care professionals. In his online blog Gnostic Notes, Kaiser referred to himself as a Gnostic.

Innovation Conference

In Ohio, we knew Leland Kaiser best as one of the presenters at the Partners in Innovation Conference in 2005 and 2006. Past Ohio Conference president Raj Attiken organized this meeting as a way to import ‘innovative’ (translation: hyper-liberal) ideas into Ohio and have our pastors learn them. A partial list of speakers includes, Leland Kaiser, Doug Pagitt, Suzy Welch, Marcia Prager, Leonard Sweet, Ryan Bell, Samir Selmanovic, and Miroslav Volf.

Sponsors of the Innovation Conference included the Kettering Adventist Healthcare Network, the Versacare Foundation, the Kaiser Institute, and the estate of the late Fumiko Rice. Other partners included the Columbia Union Conference, the North American Division’s Church Resource Center (Vervent), Andrews University’s Department of Educational Administration, Washington Adventist University, the Center for Creative Ministry, Advent Source, Re-Church, FaithHouse Manhatten, and other individual and business partners.

I didn’t attend the 2005—2006 meetings but I listened to recordings of them later—including those of Leland Kaiser. I also researched the work of numerous Innovation Conference presenters in 2010-2011 to learn what they were teaching. It was some far out stuff, usually a blend of leftism, mysticism and social justice. The Innovation Conference spanned from 2005—2013. The significant spiritual dangers that were being presented at this Conference led this author to write an article in August 2013 titled The Buckeye BattleGround. It was read widely.

The Innovation Conference was mercifully cancelled in 2014 by the new Ohio Conference President, Ron Halvorsen, Jr.

Gnostic Notes

Leland Kaiser operated an online blog called Gnostic Notes for several years, and his material was readily available there. Some of his notable teachings were:

There is a ‘thought stream’ that flows around our planet (like the rings around Saturn). Tapping into this thought stream can yield good ideas, or innovation (May 26, 2010).

We provide healing energies for one another. These circulating, high frequency spiritual energies are “breathed” in by individual community members as they are needed, April 2010).

Your soul is a way station between your Spirit and your mental, emotional, and physical vehicles. It transmits messages from the Spirit to these vehicles and from these vehicles to the Spirit. It acts as a valve, allowing only a certain amount of Spirit to flow into your lower vehicles. God as Spirit also lives through you and learns from your life via this important soul/Spirit connection. As the soul becomes more refined, it permits more and more of Spirit to flow through you. You are on the path of enlightenment.

Silver is symbolic of the moon and the Holy Spirit. It has a receptive feminine quality, unlike gold which has a masculine quality. Silver makes you more receptive to other spiritual energies. I highly recommend you place some form of gold and silver on your altar. The quantity of these precious metals is not important.

Less than one tenth of one percent of you has shown up in your current lifetime. Most of you is held in reserve in the higher dimensions. Unless you have contact with your essence in these dimensions -- you have no idea who you really are or what you bring to the table. Our world is made better when you invoke great ideas from the world of spirit and then incarnate these ideas through leading edge community programs.

Your work with elementals occurs in the realm of elemental magic. This requires the use of a magical circle for your protection.

Everything in the third dimension has it’s template in the higher dimensions. Therefore, anything destroyed in the third dimension still exists as an energy form in the higher dimensions and can be visited. People mourn the destruction of the great library at Alexandria. The library still exists in the fourth dimension. You can visit it and read the books (assuming you understand the ancient languages). The template does not age. However, it exists in much less dense matter (astral matter). The books have no appreciable weight, take up next to no space and are more transparent. Nothing is ever lost or destroyed. It still exists in some form and can be reconstituted to some extent. You can still visit all of the ancient cultures, which no longer exist on the face of the earth. What you see is their living record in motion, sound and color. You can view the record, but you cannot change it. You can visit ancient Atlantis, but some of the behaviors of the Atlanteans will puzzle you. Of course, you can hear the language, but you will not understand it. Often you can infer what is being said. Often you cannot. Mental templates exist in the fifth dimension. Spiritual templates exist in the sixth and seventh dimensions. If you go high enough in the dimensions, you enter the “mind of God,” which holds the eternal records. We can say -- once it exists, it always exists. In fact -- it existed before it was born into one of the planes of manifestation. So when something is gone, it is not really gone. It still exists as a pattern in a higher dimension. Activate it with Spirit and it will live once again.

A special Deva (angel) looks after each animal species. A special gift of the Deva is enabling you to communicate with members of its species. This is a special type of human/animal thought transference. It permits the animals to call out to you and to guide you in special times of your need. Dogs are well known for this type of communication ability. The bottom line is -- if you love members of the animal kingdom -- you will be loved in turn by these animals and by their presiding Deva. Loving an animal, spending a lot of time with it and naming it, accelerates its evolution. It transfers some vibratory power from the human evolutionary stream to the animal evolutionary stream. This is why some animals and their human caretakers end up looking alike. Their etheric bodies comingle to an extent. The evolutionary streams of animals and humans are separate, yet there is some sharing of energy between the two streams (November 2009).

To create heaven on earth, a vast change of consciousness is all that is required. The world is what we are. The world is a projection of our consciousness. It takes the form we give it and registers our every thought and feeling in daily events (May 19, 2008).

There is no such thing as the occult as the word is used in the popular imagination. There is only God’s created universe. There is the part of the universe you understand and there is the part you do not understand. What you do not understand is occult or hidden to you. This probably includes the realm of theoretical physics for most people. Paranormal abilities are part of God’s universe. They are utilized by both the forces of light and darkness. For example, you can use thought transference to communicate with angels of God or angels in rebellion against God. Thought transference as a psychic ability is not occult. Paranormal abilities will appear of their own accord when your ministry for Christ requires their use.

Until then, they will remain in the realm of the occult as far as you are concerned. If you damn the occult, you must judge Christ in the same manner, for he was an occultist of the first degree.

This is the individual who mentored a Conference President in North America. Be aware of what is going on in your Church, friends. Who are the mentors of your leaders? What is the spirit of your leaders? Are they humble? Are they Godly individuals, do they support the Adventist Message that God has entrusted to us? Do they believe in (and teach) the Three Angels’ Messages, or are they seduced by the tinsel & glitter of progressive spirituality? Let us hold them accountable, in truth and love ”considering ourselves lest we also be tempted.”

In 2010, when faithful Church members in Ohio opposed what Attiken was doing to the state, many of his hand-picked liberal pastors clustered around him and defended him. As part of the system, this is what they were groomed to do. Those of you in other conferences where leaders support the current NAD rebellion, will find that this is what happens there as well. When a Church employee is in the system and supportive of the divisional liberal agenda, they are protected at almost any cost. Back to Ohio.

Those pastors who didn’t support the President’s agenda were eventually pressured to leave Ohio. Some of our best pastors went north. We clung to God, and asked Him for help. We had nowhere else to turn.

Attiken retired in late 2013, leaving behind a legacy of financial disaster and acute theological confusion. Pray for us that we will regain the ground surrendered to the enemy, and encourage one another in biblical faithfulness.

We will pray for you, too. Stand up for what you know to be God’s truth, and hold fast to the biblical distinctions that subdue your soul in God’s righteousness. There is hope.

Jesus is coming again!

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Ephesians 5:11).
“I will restore unto you the years that the locust has eaten” (Joel 2:25).