Popular Nun Denounces Pope Francis. Says His Global Pact Is Demonic

There appears to be a civil war brewing in the Roman Catholic church, over what many conservative Catholics refer to as serious Papal apostasy.

“Sister Miriam” is a speaker on the Heart to Heart radio show that airs weekly on the Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network. On September 16, she discussed Pope Francis’ Global Pact For Education initiative, which is coming up in May of 2020. Among other things, she referred to his desire to create a new humanism as anti-Christian Communism, and a destructive/immoral attempt to control the world. The first 26 minutes of the video contain her comments on Pope Francis’ Global pact initiative. The remaining 28 minutes is a rather uninteresting monologue dealing with Catholic emails about liturgy, statues and etc.


She says that the Pope’s Global Pact is demonic, and his initiative to build a “new humanism'“ is evidence that communism has infiltrated the Catholic Church—through the most liberal Pope in recent history.


  • Globalism is an attempt to control the world. 3:30

  • Says that the Global Pact Initiative is forming an alliance with the devil. 4:18

  • the Pope is calling people to a common home with the devil. 5:25

  • the Pope is doing what communists set out to do 100-years ago. 6:45

  • she says Christ was never mentioned in the Pope’s article. 7:30

  • says that the Pope is intentionally attacking families & Christian education in the home. 11:50

  • His (Pope Francis’) words are demonic. 16:30

  • Pope seeks to create an ecological citizenship. 21:40

  • Pope sounds like a socialist running for president. 22:45

  • The Pope is trying to indoctrinate children.  23:30

  • Pope says Earth’s people need to obey the United Nations and European Union. 25:30

There were calls for the Pope to resign in August through November last year, prompting numerous news outlets to comment on what appears to be a Catholic civil war. This radio program from Roman Catholic nun ‘Mother Miriam’ provides further evidence that serious ideological disagreements are rising in the Catholic Church. We will be watching these developments.

The Roman Catholic Church is identified in Scripture as the Great Harlot, Babylon, and the Mother of Harlots. The Pope is referred to as the Little Horn of Daniel 7:8. To honest-hearted people in this Roman church system, and in Babylon (spiritual confusion) God invites them to come out of it (Revelation 18:4). He invites them to come to Him.

Perhaps we are seeing the early stages of a mass (no pun intended) migration from the Roman Catholic church to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. We hope and pray so.


“I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots. And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words” (Daniel 7:8).